Friday, June 22, 2012

Facebook Friday: Metallic & Floral

Happy FRIDAY!!! I hope your week was good and if you're on the East coast, I hope you stayed cool! It's been scorching hot the past few days here in MD and I can't wait for the temps to cool down. 

Today's edition of FBF is all about a smart look and a playful look. Nene is rocking her business look in metallic and grey. I LOVE this look---very smart and classic! And not to mention, she looks VERY RICH ;-) The next look is more fun and it's something that I wouldn't necessarily go for. However after I created this look on Polyvore, I really fell in love with it. It's something I would really like to try and recreate one day. It's super colorful and although the pieces aren't a perfect match, it works!

Enjoy and have a productive and blessed day!! 

PS Check out my guest feature on the DC Goodwill Fashionista blog page, HERE and let me know what you think :-) 

Office Metallic

Floral & Black and White


  1. Great looks u put together! I would def wear the office metallic, it's so rich ;) lol

    xo Marie

  2. You version of the NeNe gray is way better, good job.

  3. I'm drooling over your 2nd Polyvore look. Thank you so much for voting. You cant vote once a day till the 30th. Im still behind, trying to catch up though!


  4. Hey lady! Checked out your feature. Good Job! Loving the floral look btw.


  5. I love the second look it is so girly!!

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  7. I like both of these looks that you put together. They are chic!

  8. Both Polyvore outfits are cute! I love the dress the second girl is wearing. Perfect for this kind of weather.

  9. Love the idea of pairing a metallic with grey! Ummm I think you've helped me pick out my outfit for work on Monday!


  10. Great items dear.