Friday, September 21, 2012

FBF: Chic & Simple

Let's here it for another Friday!! What a week this has been. It's been productive, but I am so exhausted. I've been working out and getting back to my workout routine so my body is still trying to adjust. I've also been studying a lot so that's a factor as well. Oh and I must tell you; the most random thing happen to me. I was eating dinner the other night and all of a sudden, I felt something weird. I broke my tooth!!! Yep, broke a tooth. SMH, how random. The only good thing is you can't really see it but I know it's there!...or half there, LOL! Anyway, pray for me y'all; I have to get oral surgery and I absolutely HATE the dentist!

Now onto today's post. This FBF is all about chic and poised fashionistas. The first look I recreated is from the lovely Jillian of Nusopisticate. I've been a follower of her blog for a while and I always love her use of patterns, color and accessories. In the look below, I like how she mixed patterns so perfectly. So, when I did my version I used a print for the bottom, but kept the top basic. It's still a great use of print, but the denim top adds a casual feel to it. I decided to pick up the color in the skirt by adding a color block heel.

The next look is the forever fashionable, Kim Kardashian. While I am not a huge fan of the boots she's been wearing lately, I do LOVE a good sweater dress. And black and white is such a classic, simple color combo that is always in style. I recreated the black and white dress because I can see myself wearing a look similar to this. I love the flats with the sweater dress; it's unexpected but still chic. The knee boots are sexy and very "night on the town". I have worn knee boots before and I must say they are SO comfortable. More comfortable to me than heels.

So, what look do YOU like better? Can you see yourself wearing either look this season? Let me know. Have a great day and talk to ya soon!

P.S. I will announce the winner of my giveaway this afternoon via Twitter (@wnicjames) & my Facebook page.


Black & White - Kim K. Inspired


  1. OMG!!!!! So sorrybo hear about your tooth... That actually happen to me a couple of years ago but I was eating a sugar daddy & it pulled my tooth right out my mouth I was terrified as I have NEVER been a fan of the dentist!!!! At any rate, I may have to start attempting some of your outfits you create because they are always so cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Ugh; I am dreading the dentist :-( Thanks for the encouragement! And if you do try one of my looks, let me know so I can feature you!!

  2. I hate the dentist too, I've had some terrible experiences with oral surgery. Hope it goes well for you. It really is all about having a good oral surgeon though.
    I love Nu Sophisticate's looks and blog.

  3. So sorry about your tooth! Dental problems are just the worst!

  4. Wow excellent mix of prints. Yes I can def see myself wearing this.